Antiquity Acres Gives New Life To Furniture!

It’s not uncommon for damaged or used furniture to find its way to the junk or burn pile. This mostly happens when there is a lack of knowledge or ambition to repair and save it. Over the history of time, there have been countless pieces lost for these reasons.

Antiquity Acres is now hoping to help reverse that trend by re-furbishing, re-purposing and refinishing furniture. While there are many, many antiques which enjoy increased value when kept in their original condition and finish, there are many more which must be repaired if they are going to avoid the junk or burn pile. Some are so bad refurbishing and refinishing is the only way to salvage the piece.

Every piece of furniture which Antiquity Acres receives is carefully inspected for damage. We then repair any damage and then refinish it if necessary.  Some of the finishes applied to a refurbished or re-purposed item will vary depending on the item and what was done. The finishes we apply may be specialty stains and varnishes in the hopes of returning the piece to its original beauty, or a different finish like paint or chalk paint. The goal is to save as many pieces of furniture as possible by giving them new life.  Pieces that will then be enjoyed by new owners.

Repaired and Refinished!
Repaired and Refinished!

Back in Use!


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