Worm Castings……. Natures Best Organic Fertilizer

Earthworm Casting Organic Fertilizer.
Earthworm castings are a proven natural fertilizer that comes straight from nature! Beneficial worm castings sold here at Antiquity Acres are derived from earthworms which are feed a very rich organic material which contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. This all happens as the food passes through the earthworm where it is altered both chemically (natural) and physically. The end product is “SUPER HUMUS” an extremely fertile organic fertilizer which is properly conditioned for best root growth. The fertility of this product is only part of the story. It also helps augment the soil creating improved soil as applications are made each year. Earthworm Castings are available in 15 & 30 pound bags or 1- ton super sacks.

In addition to the pure form of earthworm castings, Antiquity Acres also makes available earthworm castings GARDEN MIX. This is actually a by product of the collection process used to collect pure worm castings. The Garden Mix contains approximately 25-30% earthworm castings in a rich fertle soil. This product is fantastic for gardens, flower beds, pottings, lawns or any other application for growing plants. GARDEN MIX is available in 1 – ton super sacks or bulk – dump truck loads. Now is the time of year to apply GARDEN MIX. We will deliver GARDEN MIX or pure earthworm castings anywhere in Wisconsin. Shipments are also made worldwide via common carrier. Ask for a quote.

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